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Born out of personal experience and based on a genuine desire to help

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Guardian Angel is a creative, innovative solution to compassionate, professional non-medical concierge, total move management and real estate services for life’s next step. We provide only the best in dependable, consistent, affordable personal services. In short, “We treat you like family.”

Debbie Norton

Senior Move Manager

Realtor, SRES


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James Ritchie


This is my story 


Helping my parents when they needed me most was such a rewarding experience.  It was a blessing that I was able to do so, that I wanted to be that source of help to others as well.  Looking back, it is hard to imagine not being there for them.  So many children cannot be with their parents during their time of need, often due to circumstances beyond their control.  For this reason, it became my desire to help other seniors and their families. It was then that Guardian Angel - Senior Assistance Services was born, servicing all your concierge, moving and transition, and real estate needs.

In 2007, I found myself a single mother of 3 children; 2 teenagers and a newborn baby boy. Not long after I had my youngest son, my Mom, who at the time was living alone, had been diagnosed with cancer. I was not only fresh out of a bad relationship but I was also losing my home due to the 2008 recession. Together, my Mom and I embarked on a journey. I was her rock, helping her brave cancer. In turn, she was mine helping me raise 3 children during a very difficult time.

One day after she and I discussed our next chapter, I spoke with someone about trying to save my home. Although it was not part of the plan, this led me into a new line of work. Before I knew it, I was in training, learning short sale negotiations. I helped not only myself, but countless other families avoid foreclosure. I found it so rewarding to help families find practical solutions to their unfortunate circumstances, ones that led to better and brighter futures, that I was inspired to get my real estate license. After some time and a lot of hard work, I was blessed with my own new home. The lesson for me: Focus, determination, and belief in yourself can help you conquer anything.

As years passed, my Mom and I continued to help one another. In 2014, my Mom’s cancer worsened and she required even more of my help. This consisted of taking her to doctor and hospital visits, rehab sessions, chemo and radiation treatments, along with basic life needs like banking, food shopping, and every day errands. I don’t know how we got through it, but we did. Then in 2016 my Mom said, “Debbie, you have been my guardian angel and I could not have made it this far with out you".  I have lived a great life and I know you’re going to be alright.” The passing of my Mom was one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing, I have gone through in my life. She was not only my Mom, she was my best friend, my team member, but most of all my hero. She was also an amazing poet and I know she is with me right now as I write this.

About 6 months after she passed, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. He was living the Keys, approximately 5 hours from me. I knew I had to bring him home to live with us and deal with selling him home where we spent many years growing up. He did not have as much strength as my Mom did and unfortunately required more help than I could give him. For this reason, he moved into assisted living where he would have the medical attention he required. Trying to find the right place was such a challenge. Although he had the assistance of the residential staff, I visited him nearly every day to do the same things I did for my Mom. I did his shopping, took him to doctor’s appointments, and to keep his spirits up, I took him for two of his favorite things; ice cream and coffee. In 2018 on New Year's day, my Dad fell and broke his hip. Advocating for him presented yet another challenge. The hospital wanted him to go to rehab after surgery when they knew he would be bed bound, and then subsequently hospice. He grew tired of fighting and unfortunately passed not long after. I had now lost my Dad, my best friend, and another one of my heroes.

After losing both of my parents, I felt as though something was missing. I often felt so lonely, constantly wondering what was next for me. How could I survive in this world without my Mom and Dad? What was my next chapter?  What was my purpose?

Years later, it finally hit me: Follow your heart and do what you do best. That’s when my “Guardian Angels” were reborn. Because my Mom always called me her Guardian Angel, and told me one day she would be mine, it seemed only fitting my company carry this name, reminding me of my parents every day. This is my passion. This is my purpose. I promise that we will take care of your family as if they were our own.

Let us point you in the right direction. There is no cost to speak with us over the phone or meet with us at your residence or office for an initial private consultation. My team and I will do everything we can to meet the needs of all the families we help.

Thank you for your time,  Debbie Norton

Give us a call today.  You won’t be disappointed! 
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