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Hire a Realtor that Specializes in Senior Moves

Our team can help you every step of the way

FACT: 1% of Realtors® in Florida are qualified to work with Seniors.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®)

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist/Senior Move Manager, I help seniors navigate the sale of their home by providing a patient, specialized, and compassionate one-stop service from start to finish. My full team eliminates all of the extra phone calls, interviewing, hiring, stress and costs that you’ll have to endure.

A Realtor who knows how to help seniors and their families through this transition of selling their home and downsizing is very important.

The National Association of Realtors created a special designation for Realtors who work with seniors. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES)  credentials guarantees that a Realtor has learned how to be the best in servicing the needs of seniors who are selling their home.

To qualify, a licensed real estate agent must complete a training program that helps them learn more about the challenges of moving when retired.

The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASMM®)

Recognizing and managing the stress of relocating older adults, individuals and families is the hallmark of the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers® (NASMM).

Additionally, NASMM members will help you downsize, organize and/or simplify your current home through our NASMM @ Home program.

NASMM Senior Move Managers® have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce quality results.


Thinking about buying or selling your home?
Work with an SRES®

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Senior Transitions
Senior Real Estate

Why Deborah Norton offers more to Seniors than other Realtors

(including other Senior Real Estate Specialists)!

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist/Senior Move Manager, I provide a full-service team of trustwor
thy, patient,

and caring professionals [who I hand-picked] to provide the unique & superior level of service that Seniors

need & deserve!  

When you hire ANY other Realtor, you will also have to interview & hire someone different to help with all of the

services listed below. And you have to find movers who you can trust.

The result I provide for my Senior clients is LESS STRESS

My one-of-a-kind service package designed exclusively for Seniors will Save You THOUSANDS!!!!

Including, offering you a 1% Listing Fee if you have a home to sell so that you can keep more your Equity in your pocket.  If not, no worries since we tailor fit all of our services to fit your needs.

My team of professionals who are trustworthy, patient, and compassionate include:

  • Experts in Decluttering & Purging,

  • Experts in Donating, Recycling & Disposing,

  • Experts in Packing & Unpacking,

  • Movers,

  • Real Estate Lawyers,

  • & More!

And … if you need help finding & choosing a Senior Lifestyle Community, Assisted Living or Retirement Residence, I also have a “Senior Living Advisor” Specialist on my team with over 10 years’ experience working within the Senior Lifestyle Industry. My “Senior Living Advisor” can help you find the perfect new place for all of your needs, expectations and requirements.

Debbie's Mission for Seniors:

Caring about the safety, security, comfort, and happiness of seniors, my mission is to provide specialized skills, full service, & special expertise when helping seniors in transition, combined with the highest level of integrity, patience, and care … all uniquely tailored to the custom needs & expectations of seniors!

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