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Senior Move Management  Coordinating everything for life's next step

Guardian Angel Senior Move Management helps seniors transition to their new home. We minimize the stress associated with moving by creating a customized action plan and handling all the details of the move.  We make it easy for our clients and their families by taking care of all  the planning, scheduling, organizing, packing, unpacking and setting up their new residences so they don't have to. Our team will help provide a solution to any situation.  We are licensed, insured, bonded, and a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Management.

We understand that a move is a major life change and can at times seem overly complicated. Our services are expandable in order to handle any expected or unforeseen situation. 

For example, a client may simply want us to arrange for trustworthy local movers to pick up and deliver their furniture with mindfulness and care. Another may need some packing, unpacking, decluttering or recommendations from a Senior Living Advisor. Our service options and trusted resource partners are ready with as much or as little help as each client may require.


Free Consultation

Guardian Angel Senior Move Management offers an initial consultation at no cost or obligation to you. Together, we outline the steps we need to take to simplify your move, we discuss how we can help you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. After the meeting, we present you with a written proposal and you make the decision what services you would like us to do.  

Floor Planning

We will measure your new home and the furniture you have chosen to take with you. We'll determine what fits and what will be the most comfortable arrangement for you.  We can also forward the floor plan to family members to get their input. The floor plan is an important tool for the movers to use on moving day to streamline the move in process.


Now is the time to make decisions on what to keep and what needs to find a new home. As experienced Senior Move Managers,  our team will guide you through this process with compassion and patience.  Together we will decide what items you'd like to keep,  donate, sell or share with family and we'll take it from there.

Scheduling Movers

Hiring a mover is the next step. We only recommend movers that are licensed, insured, bonded and that we trust and have worked with in the past. The mover will provide you with an estimated cost of moving your items to your new home. We make all the necessary arrangements and make sure everyone is in the loop, from family to realtors, to your new residence.


Our job is to carefully pack and label all of your belongings and prepare for the movers.  We take photos of how you like things arranged so we can recreate this in your new home. Our staff is trained to pack every item with care. We oversee  the unloading so that all your valued belongings will be brought to your new home safe and sound and placed according to your floor plan.


We supervise the movers as they place furniture and boxes ensuring that everything is according to your floor plan. We not only unpack, we will make your bed, connect your computer and electronics, discard boxes and paper, and arrange your belongings to give you that instant, at-home feel. By day’s end you can expect to enjoy a relaxing evening in your new home. Expertly unpacked and arranged. 


NO Upfront Cost*

Concierge Real Estate Service by Guardian Angel Senior Assistance Services/Abundance Realty Group was not created as a way to boost profits. The idea is to provide convenience and peace of mind to our senior clients during what can sometimes be a stressful time. 

With this in mind, we keep everything easy by charging no upfront costs. Once the escrow closes, the actual services utilized are listed clearly and are simply paid out of the proceeds.

Make your next move as worry-free as possible! Concierge Real Estate Service is a client-specific, personalized option package available only through Guardian Angel Senior Assistance Services/Abundance Realty Group.

*No upfront cost is only available with the sale of your home or we find you in a unique situation. 

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